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The journey that led us here

While the world is full of knowledge, you tend to gain that where your heart truly lies. However, not always do you get the opportunity to pursue your desires and dreams.

In remotely the same manner, I was an engineering student and successfully pursued my academics in the field that was and still is believed to be a valuable one. Unfortunately, nothing that I would go through or study caught my fancy. It all seemed like words which held no meaning to me. I knew the concepts; I knew the answers to the question, but they were nothing more than words. To me, it was bafflement that would keep me up at nights, asking myself whether this is what I should be pursuing. It was then that I had an epiphany.

My Calling

Even being a Civil Engineer, I had always been fond of writing. To me, there is no greater way to express all the emotions and messages more clearly to the people than using words which people could relate. Sure enough, I decided to give it a shot even after acquiring a job in a multi-national company.

What followed were advanced English courses organized in collaboration with the British Council. Now I had the knowledge and the words in my arsenal, it was time to put them to good use. I started freelancing, and surprisingly enough, I started receiving work. One thing led to another, and eventually, before I could realize, I was making a good client impression as time went by. The gamble I took started to pay off.

The next seven years went by. I was working overtime, and my motivation only grew stronger and stronger with each passing day. Needless to say, I had hit my optimum capacity. This is where it struck me, and I am absolutely glad that it did.

 Torsha Ghosh,  CEO  &  Founder

What Changed?

I, as an individual, can only do so much. The vision I had could not be achieved by the efforts of a single being. I envisioned myself being able to serve a large number of clients with success while at the same time expanding my expertise and scope of business.

After much pondering and deliberations, I finally gave myself the green light to hire a team of writers. The writers were trained by myself to ensure they could be taught about the industry standards, the requirements, and how to cater them. I showed them how to write good and how to avoid the bad. I would be lying if I say this was an easy job, but my determination kept me going.

After duly passing my knowledge and instilling the sense of “Customer’s first,” I knew I was ready to take the first step. With a passion for writing, a team that shares my vision and commitment, I, Torsha Ghosh, became the proud founder and CEO of Loop of Words.